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Lockpicking 101

Date :  Saturday: August 4th 9am to 5pm
Location : California Lutheran University
                   Room : Swenson Room #104

                    Corner of Faculty Street & Pioneer


  • Non-Member Class + Lock Pick - $150
  • Non-Member Class You provide lock pick - $125
  • Member Class + Lock Pick - $130
  • Member Class (you provide lock pick) - $80

You will NEED a lock pick to truly get all the best out of this class.  

In this one-day, hands-on workshop, students will learn how to pick pin-tumbler locks and how they operate. Starting with the theory of how pin-tumbler locks work, we will learn about how that differs from real life construction, and how we can use those difference to open locks without a key. We will also cover lock bypasses, special techniques and tools used to open doors and defeat locks without picking them.

Basic Lock-Pick set - included in price of registration

Optional Bypass Tools (available on site):
Under the door tool - $30
Push-Pull Knife - $15
Door Shims - $20

Recommended Pre-Requisites:

Instructor Biography:
Geoffrey Janjua is the founder of Exumbra Operations Group is a former US DoD civilian with 12+ years of operational field experience conducting offensive computer operations. Specializing in computer exploitation, technical operations, and covert-entry. He is currently conducting full-scope penetration testing, vulnerability research and exploit development of high-value products for a Fortune 500 company, has identified multiple zero-days, and holds many security related industry certifications to include OSCP, GPEN, CEPT, CPT, ECSA, CEH, and CRT.

Course Overview:
Lock Terminology and Part Names
Pin-tumbler Design and Operation
Weaknesses in Pin-Tumbler Locks
Picking Fundamentals and Hands-On
Bypass Tools and Techniques