Feb -       Date tbd  : Wifi Pineapple - Its practical uses 

March - Date TBD : Red Team vs Blue Team.  The Blue Team Strikes Back!

April -    Date TBD : How to Stay Safe Online - FBI & Simi Valley Police Dep

Red vs Blue Team II - The Blue Team Strikes Back!

Location :

Cal Lutheran University

Lundring Events Center

60 W Olsen Rd,

Thousand Oaks,  CA  91360

Friday, March 24! 9am to 5pm

Do you choose the path of the attacker or the defender? Come and play in our virtual battleground. 
Every day, InfoSec professionals like you are fighting a war to keep malicious outsiders at bay.  It can be a grind, and you may wonder what you can do to hone your skills.  
Curious about what it's like to jump the fence and try your hand at attacking? In that case, choose the Red Team.  Does it feel like these Capture the Flag games always tilt in favor of the attackers?
Not this time.  If you don't feel up to attacking, stand and hold the line for the defenders. Will you take up a position and declare they will go no further?  Then choose the Blue Team.

This year, ISSA Ventura County, in partnership with Core Security and Palo Alto Networks will provide a virtual environment and allow you to choose the form of your destroyer.
Penetrate systems as the Red Team to find information and data flags to earn points.  Thwart the attackers and shore up your systems as the Blue Team to earn points. Those who earn the most points will earn prizes.  But it couldn't be that simple, could it? 
The Red Team attackers will get a short head start to begin to attack the business environment, but it won't be easy.  Systems will be patched and monitored in real-time.  This will give the Blue Team defenders time and intelligence to release and guide the hounds.  
Join us in crying "HAVOC!" to let slip the dogs of war.  Each team will get a short (30 minute) intro to learn how to use each team's toolsets before the mayhem begins in earnest.  Pricing for this event (includes breakfast and lunch) is $10 for ISSA members, and $20 for non-members.

​FBI Cyber Crimes Division & Simi Valley Police 

Course Name :How to protect yourself online

Location :
Simi Valley Police Station
3901Alamo Street
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Course Description:
The Simi Valley Police department, the FBI Cyber Crime Division along with the Information Systems Security Association of Ventura County will bring you a valuable night of training.

  • Do you want to know how to protect yourself online?

  • Want to learn how to protect yourself from Hackers & threats online?

  • Want to learn the Top 5 things to protect your computer?

The FBI Cyber Outreach Division was created to help businesses, citizens and the FBI work more closely to help protect themselves against cyber crime.  The FBI is on the front line every day and has seen first hand the devastation that cyber criminals leave behind.   Special Agent Michael Sohn from the  FBI will speak on how you can protect yourself and your business from cyber criminals.  You will learn the following:

  • Keep you and your family safe online.
  • FBI best practices on protecting you or your company against cyber criminals.
  • How the FBI can help you if you suspect an attack
  • Learn about the resources the FBI has to assist you or your business
  • What the FBI has learned from previous attacks and how it can help protect you



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