ISSA-Ventura County

The Teaching chapter.


Information Systems Security Association Ventura County (ISSA-VC) provides Information Security and Assurance knowledge and skills to the communities within Ventura County and its outlying areas through partnerships with academia, industry professionals, and vendors. We accomplish our mission by providing:

  • Monthly meetings providing interesting and useful topics drawn from membership requests, as well as engaging in tabletop and virtual exercises.

  • Education, networking, and support to our members

  • Relationships with Academia, Industry Professionals, Law Enforcement, Legal Professionals, and Information Security Vendors

  • Advocacy, education, and outreach to the companies, residents, and schools county-wide.

  • A wide range of partnerships and events through the ISSA worldwide presence

The Ventura County Chapter’s Board of Directors would like to encourage not just an environment of learning, but also to HAVE FUN in our endeavors of providing these services and opportunities to communities of Ventura County

Mission Statement