Security Onion 101

Date: August (Date TBD)

Location : California Lutheran University

                   Room TBD



All details are being worked out.  But this will be the 101 level course on Security Onion.  This course will be a basic  hand on the keyboard training on how to install and do a base configuration of Security Onion! 

Details will follow!



Instructor BIO:



Build your own Pen Testing Network/Active Directory 101

Date: Sat Oct 20th 9am to 4pm

Location : California Lutheran University

                   Swenson (room TBD)

                  Corner of Faculty Street & Pioneer

This will also be our first remote training event!  If you cant physically make it to our event you can still participate*. (conditions apply) 


What will you learn:  In the morning, I will go over basics of domains, sub domains, FSMO roles.  Mid-morning you will then build your own AD network on your laptop! Using a pre-built Server 2016 server I'll go step by step through creating an AD Network, how to properly build OU's, DHCP, DNS, GPO's.  I'll include all best practices and what I've learned over 15+ years supporting Microsoft's entire catalog of products.

Hope to see you there!  Arthur Press

Do you support a Microsoft network?

  • Do you want to learn the basics of Server 2016?
  • Want to learn all of Microsoft's and Industry Best Practices?
  • Do you want to build your own Pen Testing network!
  • Want to earn 8 CPE's!


  • Laptop with 8+ GB RAM, HDD space of 40+ GB (can be on external USB)
    • ​One week before this class you will be provided the downloads of a prebuilt Server 2016 & Win 10 virtual images. Which you will use during this training. Please ensure you can boot into these images before this class. 

* (Conditions Apply)  : One of our esteemed members suggested we offer our training via video conference.  He lives 2 hours away yet he consistently shows up to our training's.  He stated that it might not always be practical for people to attend our training in person and that we can reach a wider audience if we offer remote training.  I liked his idea and would like to test it out.  So this will be our first full test of offering remote training. This training will be at a reduced rate.  And it will be via a skype session. I typically have 1 or 2 support personal onsite to provide technical assistance.   However, with remote users I don't see any practical way of offering any kind of technical assistance.  So if you want to attend remotely please be aware that if you run into issues it will be up to you to solve themI will try my best to respond to questions via chat.  But I dont see any real way of offering phone in tech support during the training.  - Arthur Press

Instructor BIO:



ISSA-Ventura County

The Teaching chapter.


Lockpicking 101

Date :  Saturday: August 4th 9am to 5pm
Location : California Lutheran University
                   Room : Swenson Room #104

                    Corner of Faculty Street & Pioneer


Non-Member Class + Lock Pick - $150

Non-Member Class You provide lock pick - $125

Member Class + Lock Pick - $130

Member Class (you provide lock pick) - $80

BTW yes you will NEED a lock pick to truly get all the best out of this class.  

In this one-day, hands-on workshop, students will learn how to pick pin-tumbler locks and how they operate. Starting with the theory of how pin-tumbler locks work, we will learn about how that differs from real life construction, and how we can use those difference to open locks without a key. We will also cover lock bypasses, special techniques and tools used to open doors and defeat locks without picking them.

Basic Lock-Pick set - included in price of registration

Optional Bypass Tools (available on site):
Under the door tool - $30
Push-Pull Knife - $15
Door Shims - $20

Recommended Pre-Requisites:

Instructor Biography:
Geoffrey Janjua is the founder of Exumbra Operations Group is a former US DoD civilian with 12+ years of operational field experience conducting offensive computer operations. Specializing in computer exploitation, technical operations, and covert-entry. He is currently conducting full-scope penetration testing, vulnerability research and exploit development of high-value products for a Fortune 500 company, has identified multiple zero-days, and holds many security related industry certifications to include OSCP, GPEN, CEPT, CPT, ECSA, CEH, and CRT.

Course Overview:
Lock Terminology and Part Names
Pin-tumbler Design and Operation
Weaknesses in Pin-Tumbler Locks
Picking Fundamentals and Hands-On
Bypass Tools and Techniques