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Topic : Possible : Buid your own Pen Testing Network with Server 2016

Date :  Sept

Date :  August

Date :  October

A few of us our building our own Red Team computer network.  This computer network will be used in future training's to hone our Kali Skilz and teach our members how to hack.  Want to help us build it?  If so click on the link above and send Arthur an email.  We would love any assistance!

Topic : Red Team Hacking

Location :

Want to learn how to build your own Pen Testing Network?

Want to learn the proper way to build a Microsoft Active Directory Network?

Want to learn Server 2016?

Arthur Press will hold an all day 8 hour training course on how to build your own Active Directory Network.  You will install Server 2016, build a Microsoft Active Directory network from scratch and then start learning Group Policies.  

This is a must have training for anyone who works on Microsoft networks!

Topic : TBD