ISSA-Ventura County

The Teaching chapter.


 Kali 201

Date: Date TBD -

Location : Cal Lutheran

                  Room :

                 60 West Olsen Road

                 Thousand Oaks,CA

Geoffrey Janjua will once again teach a Kali all day hands on the keyboard event!  This event will be a level 201 course!  If you have taken one of Geoffrey's previous Kali courses and wanted more than you must attend!  


*Base level knowledge of Kali.  This is an INTERMEDIATE course!

*Kali fully loaded and ready to go on a laptop. We will hit the ground running right at 9am sharp!  Being an intermediate course you will be expected to have Kali fully operating on your laptop.


 Surveillance 101

Date: March  28th 6pm to 8pm

Location : Cal Lutheran

                  Room : Alumni #128

                 60 West Olsen Road

                 Thousand Oaks,CA

In this class we will learn how to find information on subject’s through various methods of OSINT which will include live presentations. We will discuss social engineering and pre-texting with examples which actually work. We will discuss physical surveillance gear including trackers, bugs, cameras, and unmanned cameras. Lastly, we will discuss physical surveillance and pursuit tactics using real case footage for prior cases we have worked .

Oleg Flaksman began his career as a private investigator at the age of 19 in New York City, working one-man surveillance cases. In 2011, Oleg obtained his Private Investigator License in California and established his own PI firm, O&O Investigations, Inc. O&O Investigations, Inc. invests thousands of dollars each year into studying and mastering new methods of online and digital research and surveillance. O&O Investigations, Inc. specializes in Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations, in-depth background and asset investigations and difficult surveillance. As an expert in the field of surveillance, background investigations and social media forensics, Oleg has dedicated a significant amount of time to teaching and writing about techniques, issues and methods of conducting private investigations