ISSA-Ventura Members ONLY


Free to ISSA-Ventura County Members & Their Families. Bring the kids.

(This will give Arthur the excuse to use the bumpers) 

Date: Saturday September 22nd 6-8pm

Location : Harley's Bowl (EAST VALLEY ONE!!!!) (YES THERE ARE TWO!)

                  5255 Cochran Street Simi Valley

                  (This is the one off of Stearns Street.  The one on the east side of Simi)



Come for a 3 hours Hands On The Bowling Ball event! Learn valuable lessons like "why you should never bowl overhand" and "Top 5 reasons you shouldnt drop the bowling ball on your foot".  

Roy and Arthur will have a competition on who can score the lowest!  Wait...errr...nevermind. 


"Be able to bowl.  Or not be able to bowl.  That is the Question" - Shakespeare...probably


Instructor BIO:
Life itself.


How to Harden Windows Server & The LAN Network 

Date: Thursday Oct 20th 6pm to 8pm

Location : California Lutheran University

                   Swenson (room TBD)

                  Corner of Faculty Street & Pioneer


What will you learn:  

  • Server/Network/Policy Hardening 
  • How to secure your network from hackers
  • How to pass a PCI/SOX audit!

Instructor BIO:Arthur Press got his Information Technology start when his father bought him a ZX80 Sinclair.  The $200 computer sported 1k of memory and a 3.2 Mhz processor!  Despite its limitations, Arthur was immediately hooked and has been involved with computers ever since.  In 1999 he graduated from Cal Lutheran University with an MBA in Information Technology.  In 2008 he became a Volunteer Deputy with the Ventura County Sheriff’s department.  Being exposed to both law enforcement and IT Security gave Arthur a deep appreciation for those that protect and defend our lives and our computer systems. In 2010 he was awarded “Officer of the Year” by his peers.

Arthur’s interested in IT Security came when he learned about the 2013 Target credit card hack.  It fascinated him that unknown hackers broke into a 3rd party HVAC company and used that to pivot into Target’s credit card POS systems.  From there Arthur became intensely interested in IT Security.  In early 2015 he joined the local Ventura County chapter of the ISSA (Information Systems Security Association) as their Vice President.  In 2017 Arthur studied hard and passed the CISSP exam.  He also started teaching IT Security at Cal Lutheran University as an adjunct professor.  Late in 2017 Arthur was promoted to President of the Ventura County ISSA and continues leading it to this day.

Currently, he is a Security Consultant with MBSG in Westlake Village, CA.  Arthur has a unique blend of auditing skills and technical ability enabling him to remedy vulnerabilities others miss.  This technical ability comes from over 15 years of improving skills, even outside of normal working hours.  Arthur is constantly learning and expanding his skill-set. This drive for self-improvement consumes hours of his time.

Outside of his work with MBSG, Arthur conducts many all day, “hands on the keyboard,” training sessions for the Ventura County ISSA. Recent sessions include, “How to break into WiFi” and “How to build your own Pen Testing Network.” His hobbies include photography and swimming



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